Ultimate Guide to Michael Scott’s Desk Toy Collection

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This post is way off topic from what we usually write about here on The Manful. Being such a huge fan of The Office, I thought I’d deviate from our usual topics to write a piece in honor of my all-time favorite person on earth, Michael Gary Scott.

Arguably the greatest character in television history, Michael Gary Scott, (played by Steve Carell, in the 2005 – 2013 NBC TV series The Office), acts as a role model to all. Whether you’ve watched the series one time or eight times, as I have, I think we all strive to be more like Michael Scott in our daily lives. I’m here to help you achieve that goal by taking you through each and every one of Michel’s desk toys and wall ornaments and show you how can be like mike.

World’s Best Boss Mug

We start off with the iconic World’s Best Boss Mug, featured in nearly every episode of the show, Michael is always shown in close vicinity to his mug. The mug makes its debut in the pilot episode of The Office when Michael shows the cameras his mug and proudly tells us that he bought himself the mug from Spencer’s Gifts!

the office michael scott worlds best boss cup

Newton’s Cradle

Another prominent gizmo Michael keeps on his desk is the classic Newton’s Cradle. Pull back and release one or more of the steel marbles and watch an equal number of balls on the opposite side of the cradle go swinging. Too bad Michael wasn’t shown playing with this toy more often, could have thought him a thing or two about physics, especially before his big “talk” with Oscar in the episode “China” where Michael sets out to learn everything about science and math to outsmart Oscar.

Newtons cradle desk toy michael scott

Hoberman Sphere

That expanding plastic ball that site atop Michael’s Desk, bet you didn’t know that thing has a name, and it’s Hoberman’s Sphere.

hoberman's sphere expanding ball

Chattering Teeth

The nifty chattering teeth that Michael eventually gifted to Phyllis Vance, wife of Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration. Wind up the knob and the teeth will rapidly chomp and the teeth will appear to crawl forward on your desk.

chattering teeth toy

Wooden Train Whistle

Getting it’s 15 seconds of fame in the hands of Toby Flederson’s daugher, Michael teaches the little girl how to make train noises with his wooden train whistle.

Wooden train whistle from the office

Dundie Trophy

Made of solid 24 karat gold (just kidding), you can get yourself your very own Dundie award. The best part is, one doesn’t need to achieve much to earn a Dundie, you can award yourself one for having white sneakers (pam), being a tight ass (Angela), hottest in the office (Ryan/Danny Cordray), or just being repulsive (Toby). Better pick up a couple of these if you want to be anything like Michael.

salesman trophy dundee award

Complaint Department Grenade

Mini Golf Cart

One of the less notable toys on Michael’s desk is a miniature golf cart. He’s never seen playing with this toy but it’s there throughout the show. I’d advise only hardcore fans to get this one, as it’s not something most viewers would know about.

Of course, there are more knickknacks on Michael’s desk than just the above-shown. Some are there throughout the entirety of Michael’s appearance on the show, Like the Dunder Mifflin Model Truck, unfortunately, this model truck cannot be purchased anywhere on the internet. Other items make an appearance for just a short while on the show.

That would just about sum up the list. It’s worth to mention that you can also get the proud owner of a Seyko timepiece certificate Michael has hanging on the wall behind his desk.

As I wrap this up I’ll leave you with the thought in your head of Stanley Hudson storming out of the Annex door singing “Closing Time” at the end of the day!