9 Preparations for Expecting Fathers

It goes without saying that parenthood is no joke. Bringing a child into the world is serious business, and as such, preparing for a baby can be one of the most stressful life experiences. To exacerbate things, there isn’t really a handbook to parenthood, because EVERY FAMILY IS DIFFERENT. Between the worries over living space and finances, to the hormonal roller coaster our pregnant partners are riding, this is a time to try your best to relax and calmly prepare.

Ultimate Guide to Michael Scott’s Desk Toy Collection

Peter Stafford March 9, 2019 Lifestyle This post is way off topic from what we usually write about here on The Manful. Being such a huge fan of The Office, I thought I'd deviate from our usual topics to write a piece in honor of my all-time favorite person on earth, Michael Gary Scott. Arguably … Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Michael Scott’s Desk Toy Collection

8 Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

At this point, it should be common knowledge that hot showers have their time and place, but it’s definitely not first thing in the morning. While they mentally prepare you for the day ahead and feel amazing, hot showers have been known to dry out the skin and leave you with a weird irritation all over after stepping out.